Veritas Leadership Group Services

For organizations to remain competitive in today’s economy and fast-paced environment, change needs to be a familiar part of their culture.  Whether your company is focused on integrating Millennials into your workforce, improving employee performance,  or managing conflict in your organization - something needs to change.

That’s where Veritas Leadership Group comes in.

Our Approach

At Veritas Leadership Group, we provide a personalized approach to meet your needs. First, we sit with you and listen. We ask questions to determine the specific challenges you face, what is currently working, and what needs to change. Then, together we determine if Veritas is the right firm to meet those needs. If so, we get to work.

Like all substantive firms, we use a research-based, sound, systematic program. What sets us apart is our focus on people and your bottomline. While an organization can create programs, it’s the people in that organization who make change happen.  And it's the people who affect productivity.  That’s where we come in. We’re experts in how people think and learn. We know what truly motivates people to make lasting change, and we understand the most effective ways to help people to change the way they think and the way they work.

So we employ a “people approach”. We identify people’s strengths and help them to apply those strengths in their work. This engages each person at their best through the change process. We create a culture of purpose, mastery and autonomy – the three key components to motivation. When people are truly motivated, they become more receptive to a new vision and more engaged in the process. We help people move to a growth mindset, the belief that real change can happen and that their role matters. If people believe it, they will achieve it.

These three pillars – strengths, motivation, and mindset – are the keys to substantive and lasting change. These pillars, along with a customized and systematic program, will create a lasting culture of change and help you and your organization transition to excellence.

We provide end-to-end consulting for businesses. We design the approach tailored to your business needs and organizational culture. These unique offerings are crafted to drive tangible results that far exceed traditional business practices. We expect that our clients gain a healthy ROI by working with Veritas Leadership Group. We provide your organization with the appropriate mechanisms to engage employees, ultimately producing results. We help our clients realize their goals faster and with more dedication and focus than they thought possible.